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Where our students Learn, Create and Share.

Ara Tū Whakatā Gilberthorpe School is separated into three different learning hubs.  Te Ara Whakatau is where our New Entrants to Year 2 students work.  Te Ara Takitini is our middle school with Years 3 – 5. Te Ara Angitu is a space with Years 5 – 6 learners.

Below you can view blogs for each learning area.  Blogs are a platform used to share learning. You will also find links to hub Google Sites which is where students can access their learning resources and tasks. 

Te Ara Whakatau

All of our New Entrants to Year 2 work in a collaborative space we call Te Ara Whakatau.  Children have a home room teacher and are taught and looked after by a team of four teachers and one learning assistant.

Te Ara Whakatau Learning Site  A place where our students can access our learning programme.

Our Junior Hub Blog is a place for us to share our learning.

Te Ara Takitini

Te Rōpū Whakamanawa is a Year 3-5 class who are taught by Ms Raisin.   Te Rōpū Manawaroa is taught by Mrs Prictor and Te Rōpū Ngākaunui is taught by Mr Boyd.

Te Ara Takitini Site where students access their learning.

Te Ara Takitini Blog

Te Ara Angitu

Te Ara Angitu is the senior part of our school with a class of Year 5 and a class of Year 6 students.  Angitu students are team-taught by Miss Lee-Anne Waho and Mrs Joanne Park.

Te Ara Angitu Blog, where we share our learning.  Use our class blog to find links to individual student blogs.

Te Ara Angitu Learning Site,  where students access their learning.