School Curriculum

Our Curriculum provides for the learning of Key Competencies.

By using language, symbols and text, participating and contributing we become effective communicators. By managing ourselves we become self managers. By relating to others, participating and contributing we become positive interactors. By encouraging thinking we become enthusiastic thinkers.

Digital Technologies

At Gilberthorpe School, we believe that technology can be used as a tool to support and enhance learning. We are part of the Hornby cluster of schools called Uru Māmuka.   This initiative allows students to lease to own devices and have internet access at home in order to maximise learning opportunities. Years 4 to 6 students have one to one access with digital devices and junior school classes also benefit from having access to iPads and other devices.  All of our Years 4-6 students share their learning through individual blogs.

This site shows our Uru Mānuka cluster schools and what we are teaching and implementing in our schools.  URU MĀNUKA SITE

Learning Support

We have a number of programmes in place to support the learning of our students. Our team of learning coaches work across the school using a variety of strategies and resources across the curriculum to help students with their academic achievement.

Lift Off to Learning

Lift off to Learning is our school and community partnership programme that works with whānau to help understand the achievement of children within their first three years of school.  This includes regular meetings and discussions with classroom teachers and sharing of information to support learning at school and home.


Parents can choose where to have meetings, when and what time of day and in any language parents request. Regular learning conversations that equip parents to:

• Understand data about their child’s achievement

• Ask questions • Select next steps for learning at home

• Choose and take home learning resources to support learning at home.

Kapa Haka

All of our tamariki have the opportunity to participate in our Kapa Haka group.  Matua Anton works each week with our Junior and Senior Hubs.

Special Programmes

We offer a wide range of special programmes to ensure students are successful, safe and thrive at Gilberthorpe School. Click the options below to learn more…

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early intervention programme that assists children who have had a slow start in Reading and Writing. Children are selected to go into Reading Recovery based on results obtained in their Six Year Old Observation Survey. Children attend Reading Recovery each day for 12-20 weeks. The programme helps these children to progress in literacy until they reach their appropriate age level.

Reading-recovery Reading Recovery Reading Recovery child

Kiwi Can

Kiwi Can is an energy-packed primary school programme, aimed at kids aged 5 to 12. It teaches values such as integrity and respect, and delivers fun-filled learning to schools all around the country. At Ara Tū Whakatā Gilberthorpe School we have Katie and Owen who deliver this well loved programme to all of our students.


Milk in Schools

In 2014, we became part of the Fonterra Milk For Schools Programme.  This means our students are provided with a carton of milk each day if they choose. Milk For Schools has allowed our students to increase their daily calcium  intake and enjoy a milk break throughout the day.
Milk Drinking



Fruit in Schools

As part of the Fruit in Schools Programme, we have fruit delivered for our children two times a week. United Fresh do a great service in managing and providing children with fruit and vegetables for most of the year. Fruit is Schools has great health and learning benefits for our students.

.Fruit 1 web  Fruit girl Fruit in class

Duffy Books

We are proud to be a Duffy School.  The Duffy Books in Homes Programme allows children to choose from a great selection of books each term.   Throughout the year we have a Duffy Hero assembly  where a significant New Zealander visits the school and talks to students about their reading experiences.  We have the Duffy Theatre once a year and they put on a show that brings books to life. Each year students from the local secondary school pay us a visit and share their experiences with Reading.

Duffy kid duffy002web    Duffy Sponsors